Covid PSA in Search


Do the Five was a simple PSA in Google Search deployed in the early days of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Seen by billions of people, the feature required close collaboration between Product, Marketing, Design, Engineering, PR, Policy, Legal, and Partnerships, as well as external partners in local government and health authorities.

My role

  • Advocated for and oversaw the launch of the first non-English version of the PSA.

  • Designed the process by which Engineering, Policy, PR, and Partnerships would launch localized versions of the PSA outside the United States. Built consensus with senior-level stakeholders in those organizations to adopt the process.

  • Created the playbook that Partnerships used to pitch local health authorities, including the Indian Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization, and others.

  • Re-defined in-product messaging to suit new stages of the pandemic, working with UX writers and designers to implement.