Stadia Announcement


Launched in 2019, Stadia is Google's entry into the $80B+ video game market. The product allows players to stream games directly to their TV, without consoles, game discs, or long downloads.

Stadia was announced during a keynote at the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) to an audience of press, gamers, and industry executives.

My role

  • Led a team of 20+ marketers, creatives, and vendors responsible for the product's positioning, brand, and brand expressions (name, logo, etc.).

  • Leveraged insights about the target audience to define the product's positioning and relationship to the Google brand.

  • Presented the work to Stadia leadership and C-level Google executives to earn their buy-in.

  • Rallied cross-functional partners in PR, Events, Social, and Product to ensure brand cohesion across all announcement touch-points.


  • #Stadia was the top-trending hashtag on Twitter at announcement day, and social sentiment was overwhelmingly positive*

  • Press coverage was wide-ranging, including industry outlets (Polygon, IGN, Variety) as well as mainstream press (CNN) and international (BBC Mundo, Esquire Italia)

  • At least three people (that I know of) have gotten the Stadia logo tattooed on their bodies

*Detailed social media measurement metrics are confidential.


Teaser film, released a month before the announcement
Feature highlight film